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We are The Charity Hub, where verified nonprofits can promote their causes and find generous contributors to fund their efforts.


The Creators Behind Charhub 

Charhub is the brain-child of an amazing woman named Michelle; with a heart of gold and a sincere desire to help others, she was inspired to create Charhub when she saw a friend struggling to fund their nonprofit cause. It occurred to her that with so many legitimate nonprofit charities in existence, it is difficult for generous contributors to locate and support all of the smaller nonprofits — especially those unable to invest extra time and funds to effectively advertise for their cause. By creating a hub for charities, she hoped to sort the nonprofit campaigns out from the mass crowdfunding sites to make them more accessible; a hub would also free them from having to spend extra time and money building individual sites that require intensive marketing to draw contributors. By posting a simple campaign on Charhub where serious contributors are already gathered, she felt that charities could now be given more effective exposure — allowing them to focus on their charitable efforts rather than constantly marketing their cause to acquire the funding they need.

…she was inspired to create Charhub when she saw a friend struggling to fund their nonprofit cause.

With only humble backgrounds in agriculture, animal welfare, and community volunteering, Michelle shared her vision with her daughter and together they brought Charhub’s platform to fruition. With no outside funding or large corporate backing, Charhub is itself a charitable venture brought about by just two people trying to help others.

Our roots are humble, but our vision is big. Our ultimate goal is to help others on a grand scale by helping charities gain funding to do their outreach. We understand the struggles firsthand. That’s why we want to help be a catalyst of change for those striving to make a difference.  


Our concept is simple. We want to create a win-win-win for everyone involved.

Charities win because they are able to easily spread awareness and gain support for their cause; acquiring much-needed funding so that their charitable work can continue to change lives. They also have an opportunity to network with other nonprofits on Charhub, build long-lasting relationships with regular contributors, as well as gain reputable notoriety. No more time and money spent on marketing hassles or begging for contributions. Here on Charhub, the contributors are searching for you.

Contributors win because they are able to not only locate verified charities more easily, but can rest assured that their contributions are going to legitimate causes and government-recognized organizations sanctioned to perform their charitable work. Giving to legitimate nonprofits also means that they can receive a tax write-off for every dollar they contribute. No more guessing where exactly your money is being spent, as happens with unverified crowdfunding projects. Here on Charhub, the nonprofits are vetted and verified for you, and you can easily see which ones need your help most by the fill-level of their fundraising bar. 

Communities win because local charities are able to perform their work unhindered thanks to the generous contributions they are now receiving from serious contributors visiting Charhub’s site. In turn, this creates a win for Charhub — as our whole goal in the process is to see communities and individuals receive the help they need. 

Learn More About Nonprofits 

It is estimated that there are currently more than 1.8 million IRS-recognized nonprofits in the USA alone, with roughly 10 million nonprofits worldwide. Source: Nonprofit Action and GuideStar
There are around 30 different types of nonprofit organizations, including 501(c)(1-27), 501(d) and 501(e). To learn more about these nonprofit designations be sure to check out this thorough article entitled: Types of Nonprofits: Everything You Need to Know by UpCounsel
“10 million nonprofits worldwide” Nonprofit Action 
“1.8 million IRS-recognized nonprofits” GuideStar
Nonprofit designations; Types of Nonprofits: Everything You Need to Know by UpCounsel

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