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Koala Conservation Australia Inc. is a charitable organisation surviving on the ability to raise enough funds to keep the Hospital operating in order to save the lives of our precious koala population.

Our facility usually treats 200 to 250 koalas a year. But since the wildfires have started the numbers have gone well over the 300 mark already. 
74 koalas are being treated at the moment, and more are expected to come in soon.

Your donation helps the Koala Hospital with the rescue and treatment of sick and injured koalas and release back to their home range if possible; also the conservation and expansion of habitat, collection of information for research relating to habitat, disease, nutrition and habits of wild koalas and to provide educational material, to increase public awareness of all aspects of the koala.

“We attempted to raise $25,000 [thanks to the generosity of contributors we were able to raise] over $2 million. And it’s already being used. We’ve built about 30 wildlife watering stations already. And they’re being deployed around the state of New South Wales. We’re getting inquiries from other places in Australia.
So we’re trying very hard to meet the needs.”

— Cheyne Flanagan, clinical director of the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital in Australia

They’re giving water to everything from a goanna to an echidna, right through to a bird. And of course koalas.


*Please note that this is not a U.S.-based nonprofit. If you do not reside in the same country as this organization, your contribution may not be tax-deductible. If concerned about deductibility, you should seek advice from a professional advisor before making a contribution to this campaign.

Koala Hospital – Emergency Rescue Efforts

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The Koala Hospital established in 1973 is an activity of the Koala Conservation Australia Incorporated – a Not-for-Profit Organisation which is recognised world-wide as a peak body which participates in forums for debate on significant policy issues and plays a significant leadership role in research, providing advice and information to Universities and Governments regulating change.







*Disclosure: This campaign has been created by Charhub’s support team on behalf of Koala Conservation Australia Inc. who will be the sole recipient of all contributions as outlined within our Terms. For further details, read our Disclaimer or contact our support team at


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