Idle-Hour Ranch — Needs Your Support During COVID19

by Michelle Iddings

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Michelle Iddings

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About IHR:
IHR is a private, family-operated farm focused on animal care, family fun, and interactive education. The ranch exists on the contributions made by its guests, and currently receives no outside funding. IHR is only open to the public 66 days out of the year so it is a very small amount of time to collect the funds needed to care for the animals’ necessary feed, vet care, housing, farrier, etc. all year round. By visiting the ranch and participating in all of the wonderful activities it has to offer, you are not only investing in beautiful life-long memories with your friends and family, and seeing first-hand what living on a farm is like, but you are also ensuring the quality of life for each of the 150+ animals finding sanctuary here at IHR. Through your generous support, we are able to grow and ever improve the lives of our animals as well as share our home-grown educational programs with generations of guests who gain so much by interacting with these magnificent creatures. We thank you for your support and your valuable investment in our efforts to improve animal care, vital agricultural education programs, and quality family fellowship.

Our Mission:
To provide sanctuary and loving care to species of all kinds;
to educate visitors of all ages in a fun and interactive way,
and to promote sustainable conservation on a global scale.

Our Need:
Our ability to care for the animals of IHR depends solely on the income generated from doing offsite and onsite educational exhibits for the public. Due to COVID19, we have not been able to open to the public, nor do offsite exhibits, in order to safeguard our susceptible animals from exposure to corona virus.
Thankfully, everyone is staying healthy and are thriving here at the ranch. However, our expenses are quickly dwindling our savings and we are in need of support to get through the following months. Especially winter, when our expenses are highest due to heating bills, veterinary bills come due, and extra food and bedding needed to keep the animals healthy and comfortable through the harsh, cold weather.

We are asking our supporters to please help us by donating, so that we can make it through the winter okay. Normal operating costs are around $150,000 annually — but all we’re asking for right now is just $40,000 to get us started.

Our non-profit EIN is 85-1051358
All donations are tax-exempt, and we will be happy to send you a receipt for your tax records.

Thank you so much, and God bless!


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