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It is Our Mission to make giving rewarding; to find strength in unity, and to bless others by promoting philanthropy and encouraging positive change on a worldwide scale.


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We are so excited to be bringing our dream of Charhub to life and to be sharing it with you all!

We have been working endlessly on this task for many months now and can’t wait to grow with you on the journey ahead.

It is our focus here at Charhub is to make a charity-friendly platform that brings charitable organizations of all sizes and popularity forefront in the crowdfunding world for serious contributors to easily find and support.

…we know that charities need strong financial support in order to selflessly help thousands of others, and we want to be the driving force that helps them accomplish this.

In the past, charities had to sacrifice resources in order to gain much-needed contributions; taking valuable time, energy, and personal expense for charity representatives to rally volunteers and execute fundraising strategies. However, with the rise of technology and social media, it is becoming evident that there are better ways to draw attention to charitable causes and receive necessary funding. Where, in the past, a charity might acquire a phone number list and spend countless hours calling various sources to request donations only to be hung up on angrily, or they would allot an amount of contributions to invest in mail-outs requesting sponsorships that mostly went into the trash bin, now charities can reach out to thousands, or even millions, of people at a time with a simple click of a computer mouse on a social media platform without sacrificing much time, energy, or personal expense.

With the rise of technology it has become easier than ever before for charities to reach out to serious contributors. The most common step nowadays is of course for a charity to create a personal website spotlighting a “Donate” button. This can be effective in many ways, but for many small or newly-created charities this can become tedious and costly. Another problem associated with this is acquiring enough traffic to the site to garnish the amount of donations needed to support the charity and its causes; to keep a small website from being drowned out and lost in a sea of countless others requires time, effort, and marketing know-how… and let’s face it, if you are representing a charity and trying to do some good in the world your time could be better spent elsewhere than on a computer all day.

Here at Charhub we understand the struggle to balance the limited resources a charitable organization has to deal with; we understand being more busy than a one armed paper hanger and needing a helping hand to stay afloat. That is why we created The Charity Hub. We want you to be able to make your needs known easily and with minimal time investment. We want you to get attention for your causes and your charity. We want you to have more time and resources to focus on the truly important matters you have at hand.

It is our mission to make giving rewarding; to find strength in unity, and to bless others by promoting philanthropy and encouraging positive change on a worldwide scale.

We love that other crowdfunding sites promote personal campaigns for individuals in need, but here at Charhub we understand the true value of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations who strive everyday to help others; we know that they need strong financial support in order to accomplish their important work of selflessly helping thousands of others, and we want to be the driving force that focuses on helping them accomplish this.

If you are the administrator of a charitable or tax-exempt organization then you know how difficult it can be to fundraise for your worthy causes. In the past, your only options were to approach individuals directly and ask for their support or push products that generated funds through sales. Now, however, exists this tried-and-true amazing concept of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding, for those who don’t know, is defined as the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. This means that crowdfunding is social media friendly and accessible to over 3.5 billion… yes, 3.5 BILLION internet users worldwide. That’s nearly half of the world’s entire population right at your fingertips!

Never before has it been so easy to reach out to potential supporters. Never before has it been so easy to access the funds you need in order to serve your causes. Did you know that in the US alone over $360 Billion is donated annually, and this amount is on a steady rise at an average of 5% each year? That means millions of people are already contributing via the internet and are open to giving their money to reputable organizations like yours.

So what does all of this mean for you? It means that if you are not utilizing crowdfunding for your organization then you are not only cheating yourself out of strong financial support, but also cheating everyone that you could be helping with those funds.

The solution? Well, you could create a website that features your charitable organization and go through the fun of PayPal integration, monthly service charges, SEO, ads and solicitations, etc. in order to generate traffic to your site, and then hope that these people will be interested in donating to your causes once they find you. Or you could go with a reputable crowdfunding platform like Charhub and let us worry about all of the annoying details while you simply create a campaign and sit back and watch as we direct serious contributors to support your worthy cause.

So, now you might ask, what makes Charhub different from the other crowdfunding sites?  We genuinely want to see your charity thrive so that you can get out there and help others. Your charitable organization is our priority. We do not allow personal or for-profit business campaigns on our platform so that you can rest assured that your organization will not be lost in a sea of

Contributors can come to Charhub and give in confidence, knowing that their donations are actually going to the cause they are wishing to support.

No guess work. No worries.

Simple. Effective. And dedicated to you.





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