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Idle-Hour Ranch
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Our Mission:

To provide sanctuary and loving care to species of all kinds;

to educate visitors of all ages in a fun and interactive way,

and to promote sustainable conservation on a global scale.

IHR is a private, family-operated facility focused on animal care, family fun, and interactive education. The ranch exists on the contributions made by its guests, and currently receives no outside funding like the zoos. IHR is only open to the public 66 days out of the year so it is a very small amount of time to collect the funds needed to care for the animals' necessary feed, vet care, housing, farrier, etc. all year round. By donating, gifting, visiting the ranch and participating in all of the wonderful activities it has to offer, you are not only investing in beautiful life-long memories with your friends and family but you are also ensuring the quality of life for each of the 200 animals finding sanctuary here at IHR. Through your generous support we are able to grow and ever improve the lives of our animals as well as share our world class educational programs with generations of guests who gain much by interacting with these magnificent creatures. We thank you for your support and your valuable investment in our efforts to improve animal care, vital education programs, and quality family fellowship.  

Idle-Hour Ranch thanks you.

The staff thanks you.

And the animals thank you.


Where do IHR’s animals come from?

All of IHR’s animals have been domestically born and raised within the U.S. for many generations. They have come to IHR through one of three ways: rescue, donation, or purchase. (Some are rescues which require intense and expensive veterinary care to rehabilitate, some are donated by distraught owners that are forced to get rid of their pets for one reason or another and desire a good home for them where they can still visit; other animals have been purchased by Idle-Hour Ranch, such as the sheep and goats which were purchased directly off of kill-trucks headed to slaughter.)


Why do some of IHR’s animals appear rough, injured and/or unhealthy?

This is because they are either the rescue animals currently under rehabilitation with IHR’s veterinarian, or they are advanced in age, therefore, their appearance and state of health cannot be readily improved. Remember that geriatrics can hardly be expected to look as good as their youthful successors. However, IHR is doing everything possible with the assistance of their vet to remedy and improve the condition of these particular animals.


How did IHR get started?

IHR began in December 1999, with three horses and two goats. Their first public appearance was at Christian Life Center’s nativity in Vandalia, OH. After recognizing a growing need throughout the community for animal rescue facilities, petting zoos, church nativity/Easter programs, and school field trip/education programs, IHR began to acquire more and more animals to benefit the community at large. IHR has been open to the public since 2007; first opened its corn maze in 2013, and has plans for much more growth in the future.


What kind of licensing does IHR have?

IHR is licensed and regulated by the government in order to exhibit the animals to the public. IHR also has state permits to house native wildlife species such as fox, skunk, raccoons, etc.

However, IHR does not have a Rehabilitator’s License, which enables a facility/individual to take in, care for, and rehabilitate native wildlife. Therefore, IHR cannot accept any animals which have been removed from the wild, including baby deer, bunnies, birds, etc. These must be redirected to Brukner Nature Center located at 5995 Horseshoe Bend Rd., Troy, OH 45373 phone number (937) 698-6493


Where does IHR’s funding come from?

IHR is a privately owned and family operated facility. All income generated by IHR recycles back into the care and upkeep of IHR and the animals it houses, as well as educational programs.


What services does IHR provide?

IHR provides animals for live nativity scenes, church programs, petting zoos, parades, private parties, birthday parties, educational programs, school functions, public and private events, etc. In addition, IHR provides an up close and personal experience for guests of all ages when they visit the premises, also offering onsite entertainment such as pony rides, camel rides, mining sluice, corn maze, etc.


How many animals reside at IHR?

There are approximately 200 animals at IHR, and around 45 different kinds.


What are IHR’s future goals?

IHR’s goals are constantly growing and maturing every year. IHR hopes to one day offer more entertainment and amusements, also an increased and improved educational/conservation program, greater interactive programs, possibly even an onsite conservatory, restaurant, and hotel for year-round operations.


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