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This is your "Project's Long Description". In this section you want to give further detail about your organization and the things you hope to accomplish through your campaign. Answer questions like: Why is your organization necessary? Who are you helping? How is your organization making a difference in the world? Why should a contributor choose you over allll the other charitable organizations? What makes your organization stand out? How will the funds raised through your campaign be used?

Now would be a good time to give a short history or backstory about your organization's beginnings, perhaps a nod to the credibility of it's founders, your charity's mission and vision, positive testimonials, inspirational images, or anything else you feel is noteworthy and impactful.

Be sure to keep your information factual, positive, professional, and aimed at making your potential sponsor see value in your organization and feel comfortable with supporting your cause. Remember that successful campaigns refrain from hyped-up drama, inaccurate statements/statistics, accusatory/hateful/blaming statements, and woe-is-me/desperation-filled rhetoric. Contributors are interested in supporting your cause already, or they would not be looking at your campaign, so be sure to give them a valuable prospect.

Make your campaign engaging and inspirational. Let readers feel the passion you have for doing what you do. Contributors want to know that they are helping others and making a difference in the world too, so be sure to give attention to this thought while you are writing your campaign.

Don't forget that you can improve the success of your campaign by including a video about your organization, as well as images and event/fundraiser updates.

It is important to keep your contributors interested and engaged with your campaign; they have the option to make weekly/monthly/annual donations to your cause through Charhub, so be sure to give them reasons to keep coming back to help your organization.


1) Does your organization get asked certain questions over and over again?

Your "Project FAQs" section is the perfect place to address all of these inquiries. It is also good for anticipating new questions that might arise through your new fundraiser/campaign. This section is important and can save you a lot of hassle answering repetitive, time consuming emails which delay you from receiving your contributions; so be sure to invest the initial effort and fill it out.

2) Why is this site/company called Charhub/CharHub?

It is a shortcut for The Charity Hub; and is meant to describe our purpose in presenting only charitable campaigns to contributors. Plus, we like the angelic sound of it 😉 as it conveys the way all charities feel about their contributors; in one translation is said that cherhub means "one who blesses"; and that is exactly what contributors do when they donate to worthy causes, they bless others.

3) What is the Mission of Charhub?

To make giving rewarding; find strength in unity, and bless others, by promoting philanthropy and encouraging positive change on a worldwide scale.

4) What is the difference between a Project and a Campaign?

On Charhub, nothing. They are two different terms to describe the same thing.

5) How do I add a video to a campaign?

First: go to the video on YouTube, Vimeo, or the equivalent and find the Embed Code (not the URL) and copy it.*

Second: return to your project/campaign on Charhub and paste the Embed Code into the Video Embed Code section of your project creator.

*Not sure how to find the Embed Code? You will need to seek this answer via google or through the video platform you are using, as all platforms enable code access differently. On most platforms, however, the code is often located in the Share options.

6) Not sure if you know how to make a compelling campaign?

No worries! Check out our How to Create a Campaign page for our Step-by-Step guide on creating a successful campaign. We are constantly working to improve ways to serve you better; we want your organization's campaign to be a success so that you can successfully help others. If you have any suggestions for us, please email us at support@charhub.org and let us know.

7) Having trouble?

You can also contact us if you are encountering any problems with the process.


"Project Updates" are very important for your campaign. Updates encourage contributors to engage with your cause and take active interest in helping your organization.

Updates can include financial milestones, special events, new developments, acknowledgments, current needs, and anything else that drives continued interest for your cause.

Although Charhub works hard to take the stress of marketing off of your organization, so that you can focus on more important matters, like your cause, it is still important for you to visit your campaign dashboard regularly and let your contributors know how your organization is doing.

You can also download a list of your supporters' emails (via your campaign's dashboard) to integrate with MailChimp and send updates directly to them.

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      Comments are a great way for your contributors to leave reviews and congratulate your organization on its accomplishments. Successful campaigns allow comments, however, you have the option to disable comments when you create/edit your campaign. You also have the option to allow trackbacks and pingbacks; which means that visitors to your campaign page can tag other individuals and drive potential supporters to contribute to your cause.

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