How It Works

Charhub (aka. The Charity Hub) is the new crowdfunding site that aims to bring charities and contributors together to make a difference in the world. With over 1.5 million registered charitable organizations in the U.S. and roughly $360 billion made in contributions across the U.S. annually, Charhub hopes to encourage those funds to be given to verified charities who make it their life’s work to help others. Here at Charhub we understand that charities need help in order to help others; and we also understand how helpful it can be for contributors to be able to receive tax-deductions through their giving.

While many sites only feature older, well-established, high traffic, charitable organizations for contributors to support, our site aims to bring support to any non-profit organization seeking to fundraise for their cause. And while many contributors seek to donate to worthy causes, most crowdfunding sites cannot offer tax-deductible contributions because the campaigns are not made by non-profit organizations. But here at we are pioneering the way to allow everyone to be rewarded through giving.

It just take a few simple steps to create a crowdfunding campaign:

  • First register on and fill in your account information. Your profile photo will be pulled from (click on the link to create a gravatar profile for your organization – it’s free, fast, and easy to do; and makes your campaign look more professional – Tip: remember to use the same email address as your campaign account).
    • If you are a Contributor/Backer (planning to donate to projects/campaigns) Congratulations! You are now signed up with Charhub and can start supporting worthy causes.
  • If you are a charity* and wish to create a campaign to receive contributions, go to your Account and check the box that says Become a Creator (Check to Enable Creator Functionality). Skip down to the end of the page and click Update Profile to verify this change, and then return to your dashboard. You will now see options appear in your Dashboard for: Creator Profile, Creator Account, and Create a Project.
  • Go to Creator Account and fill in your payment information. This includes your PayPal email, Connect to Stripe, Mailchimp API Key and List ID (this can be added/edited at any time but we recommend setting up PayPal and Stripe before you make a campaign). Save your information and then continue to Create a Project. Creating a “project” means to create a campaign where you showcase your charity to potential supporters and fundraise for a cause. You can create multiple projects/campaigns (up to 4) under your profile for various events or focuses, or just create one that encapsulates your charitable organization as a whole and offer updates of events as needed through the Updates section in your campaign (we recommend this method for simplicity – but it’s your choice).
  • To create your campaign, check out our example on the Projects page entitled “How to Create Your Campaign” or follow our step-by-step guide. These helpful tools show completed campaigns that explain each section of your Project and provide a visual guide for how your finished campaign will appear. When you Create a Project, be sure to include your organization’s name and EIN in the “Project Title” and submit the campaign draft for review. We will review your project (campaign), verify your charity’s EIN status, and then approve the publishing of your campaign to Charhub. Once your campaign is published you will be able to receive donations from contributors (Backers), but you will not be able to edit certain aspects of your campaign for security reasons. If you want to edit your campaign, or add pictures at a later time, you will need to Save Draft and submit it for publishing only after it is completed to your liking. Once you press Submit For Review your campaign will be sent to the administration for approval. Once approved, we will publish your campaign for public viewing and you may then start sharing the link and raising funds. If your project has been published and you need to make changes, you are welcome to contact us at and we will set your project back into editing mode.


*** NEED MORE HELP? … Follow this link for a step-by-step guide for how to CREATE A CAMPAIGN

(CLICK HERE to see an example of a finished campaign)

Please Note: Only tax-exempt charitable organizations will be permitted to create campaigns. Please have your EIN ready at time of project (campaign) submission, and visibly include it for admin to approve. If an EIN is not submitted during the creation of a campaign there will be delays in processing your campaign’s approval.

*CharHub, LLC does not accept private campaigns. Only EIN-verified charitable organizations. This is to ensure our contributors that they are able to make tax-deductible contributions.