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Have a charitable organization?
– Imagine no more struggling to bring attention to your cause. No more begging to receive much-needed contributions. No more getting lost in a sea of personal campaigns like with other crowdfunding sites. No more wasting valuable time and money on creating your own crowdfunding site. Here at Charhub we give non-profit and tax-exempt organizations, large and small, the ability to gain awareness and take control of their crowdfunding with a free, quick, and easy-to-use campaign creator, personal dashboard, and integrated search engine optimization. Describe your cause, imbed images and videos to draw attention, gain awareness by being featured on Charhub’s home page, easily communicate with contributors, form lasting connections, network with other charities, receive weekly/monthly/annual contributions from subscribers, and more. Promoting your charity without expense while gaining new and recurring contributors has never been easier. With Charhub, giving is rewarding.

Looking to make a tax-deductible contribution?
– Tired of wasting your time searching for verified non-profit and tax-exempt organizations? Frustrated with donating to causes that take your money but leave you without tax deductions? Find yourself wishing that making the world a better place was easier, and within your control? Here at Charhub we provide an accessible network for contributors to quickly and easily find reliable non-profit and tax-exempt organizations, large and small, old and new. Now you can choose from a growing selection of various charities, save your favorites for easy access, communicate directly with the charities to learn more about them, give a one-time donation or create a subscription that allows you to make weekly/monthly/annual contributions, place multiple charities within your cart and donate effortlessly with a single click. Giving to a worthy cause, and contributing to the betterment of our world, has never been easier. With Charhub, giving is rewarding.

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